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Some have rollers for sliding while others don’t, some are soft close and automatic. Walk-through gates can be installed in various places like hockey pitches, museums and many more. But a majority of these gates are used in our homes to control the movement of the baby and pets.

It is advisable to periodically check the gate for signs of damage, missing components or wear. Please do not use it if it is damaged, worm or if any part is missing. Contact our company Rite-A-Way garage for assistance. Also, check the gate regularly to ensure that all the mountings and hardware are tightened. If the mountings or the hardware are not tight, please contact us. Our team is fast in response and will give you top quality repair at affordable prices.

If the bolts and nuts on the wall are loose, please don’t do it yourself. You might think that it is just a few rounds of a screw and that’s it, but that might not be the case. Fixing it by yourself is dangerous. Contact our garage Rite-A-Way to get the skilled workforce to assess and fix it. At times the easy-open latch fails to work adequately. At the Rite-A-Way garage, we have a solution to this. Our team guarantee top quality, excellent customer services and price friendly. Always remember to call our team for any repair or servicing of your walk-through gate.

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