“Sueños” – Nüd Ink tattoos, 2 sheets It is thought that a dream-catcher filters out negative thoughts and allows only peaceful dreams through its web. Our intricate mandala entices beautiful visions to awaken your third eye, your creative and intuitive center. Graceful feathers, crescent moons, and hamsas add the finishing touches. Did you know, this collection can be combined with our Amulet collection! What’s in the package: Two full sheets of gold and silver metallic tattoos with turquoise accents designed by Henna Lounge Directions: Cut out the motifs you want to apply, following the template on the back of the sheet. Remove the plastic backing Place metallic side down on clean, dry skin Wet with a wet cloth or spray bottle and hold firmly for 30 seconds or until tattoo sticks to the skin. Carefully remove paper backing and allow the design to rest for about 10 minutes When you’re ready for a new design simply remove with rubbing alcohol

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