Shade Sails

If the heat and blazing Arizona sun are preventing you from using and enjoying your yard year-round then a shade sail can help. These innovative pieces can be designed to perfectly suit your space and create shade without taking up additional ground space or adding a new structure to your yard.

Create a Sun Free Zone for your Arizona Yard

If you’ve ever wished you had a shady tree or two in your yard, then you’ll love our shade sails. These innovative models are designed to mimic a ship’s sail and to provide long lasting shade to any part of your yard. Once your shade sail is in place, you’ll be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the yard without sitting in the direct Arizona sunlight.

Not all Shade Sails are Created Equally

The cheap shade sails sold online or in big box stores may look okay in the picture, but they don’t actually provide much shade or last for very long. The right shade sail should be custom fit to match your yard and space; it also needs to be made of a flexible, durable, sun-poof membrane. Shades made of fabric and designed to go anywhere just won’t block the sun effectively or last very long. Choosing high quality, custom shade sails for your Arizona home ensures you get the effect you want and the durability that you need to truly enjoy your yard.

Expand your Living Space with Arizona Shade Sails

If you want to reclaim some of your yards, but lack the space for pergolas or sun screens, then a shade sail is an ideal alternative. Shade sails stretch above your property and don’t take up space on the ground, making them ideal for yards of any size. From kid’s play areas to a picnic spot or even over your hammock or swing, a shade sail allows you to use your yard when you want to, without waiting for cloud cover.

Like all our yard products for Arizona homeowners, our shade sails are built to last. Contact us to see what a difference one of our custom, high tech models could make for your home and to reclaim your outdoor living space.

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