This is where you start when choosing a salt lamp.  They will not emit bright light so you can leave them on and reap the benefits. Clean fresh air like an ocean breeze day in and day out. Your choice, a cheap salt lamp or an expensive man-made air-purifier with high maintenance   These premium dark salt lamps are fair priced and will last you a lifetime!

  1. Add a dark salt lamp in your bedroom, two lamps are ideal if your room is ex- large.
  2. Why? because they must be left on and warm, these dark salt lamps do not emit bright light, and will not disturb your sleep.
  3. What will I feel?  It’s known deeper sleep, less anxiety or tossing and turning, reduces snoring, removes air born impurities/pollutants and neutralizes odors.  Keeps the environment balanced from electrical pollution (EMF)
  4. Recommended to be left on 24/7, the heat from the bulb creates a reaction with the salt releasing millions of healthy ions.
  • Don’t compromise get the best!  Quality you can count on for over 14 years with ‘The Salt Lady.

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