Tatiana Peña is an educator, musician, mother, and community organizer whose parents immigrated to the United States from Central America and set their roots in South Phoenix, where she was born, raised, and currently resides. Tatiana’s mother and immediate family came to the USA from Costa Rica as refugees, following Tatiana’s grandfather established the first narcotics police division in Costa Rica. Tatiana’s father left Honduras on a violin scholarship to Arizona State University, subsequently becoming a master violinist. Raised by parents who taught at and retired from Roosevelt School District, Tatiana attended elementary school in Roosevelt School District, as well as Frank Elementary in Guadalupe and Fees Middle School.

Bussed into Ahwatukee from the South Side in the late 90s, Tatiana graduated high school from Mountain Pointe and subsequently completed an Associate’s degree at South Mountain Community College, where she served as Student Government President and earned the nomination for the All-USA Academic Team. She transferred to Arizona State University on an academic scholarship and earned a bachelor’s degree in multi-lingual and multi-cultural education while continuing to live in South Phoenix and working as a professional mariachi.

After undergrad, Tatiana began her teaching career in the same community she first began her education: Roosevelt School District. She also taught after-school mariachi band and continued as a professional mariachi musician, following in the footsteps of her father. Between moving to Munich, Germany and teaching pre-school for two years and teaching kindergarten for two years in Silicon Valley, South Phoenix has been a constant home base. After permanently moving back to Phoenix, she went onto receive a Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University. Tatiana can speak three languages: English, Spanish, and German.

As a musician, following her passion wherever she found herself, Tatiana continued singing, as well as playing the guitar and the Mexican vihuela, writing, performing and recording original music.

Tatiana is also active in her local church congregation, where her grandfather served as a local bishop and father was a leader in the priesthood. Tatiana also voluntarily donated 18 months of her life to a full-time mission and continues to serve her local community. Tatiana, her husband, and their 3 daughters live in South Phoenix. Her oldest daughter attends a bilingual public school and her middle child attends preschool in South Phoenix.

These wonderful experiences noted above have helped shape her views in representing and defending the most vulnerable in our society and speaking truth to power

As Tatiana values faith, family, and freedom, she realized these values are most aligned with the Republican Party. Tatiana loves being a very vocal and unique voice in the Republican Party; finally having the voice of the South Side represented in the majority is her dream.

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