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Here are some of the things to look out for, if you have a motorized gate that shows that you need to call a professional repair company to have your gate fixed.

1. When the gate takes long to respond to the remote action to either open or close. It can be a problem with the motor. It can be dangerous as this is a sign that the gate might fail to work entirely after some time.
2. When the sensors of the gates are not working as they are supposed to. When there is an obstacle, the gate should stop instantly. It is essential to have these sensors changed.
3. When the gate makes some noise along the rail when it is opening and closing. The rails are checked for any bending which can cause friction.
4. The car-detection sensors do not detect the right vehicle or are taking some time to do it. The repair needed for these is to change the necessary sensors.
5. The gate is not receiving power. Our professionals are experts in electricals and will check on this.
6. When the transmitter is not working well. The light at the transmitter should be lighting.

It is necessary to have your motorized gates working well at all times. It can be hazardous when the gate is not closing or opening well. We are professionals in the repair and service of motorized gates, and if you notice any of these faults, we are there on call.


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