Mental Health Professionals

Learn more about modern neuroscience breakthroughs now available to professionals and their clients.

When an individual has lived through trauma, whether neglect, abuse or accidental injury, their brain CHANGES in function . The traumatic events cause negative neuroplasticity, “roadblocks” on the electrical pathways of the brain. Balancing the brain can “reset the switch” allowing the person to rest, to learn and to adapt to change more easily.

We would like to invite you to a Vitanya Brain Performance Center for an educational opportunity to learn more about Vitanya products, technology and programs.

Schedule a 45-minute Neural Insight Session to “test drive” the technology with one of our brain performance coaches.

Ask about our Mental Health Advocacy Program which allows qualified professionals to go through a 30-day Discovery at no cost to you, paid for by our Mental Health Advocacy Fund.

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