Medicare Advantage

The second option in contrast to a Medicare Supplement plan is Part C of Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan.  These plans are offered by private insurance companies, providing all original Medicare Part A and Part B health coverage and sometimes cover Part D drug coverage.  Typically, plans in Florida have a ZERO premium associated with them but in most states, there is a small monthly premium. These companies are paid by Medicare, therefore premiums are less than a Medicare Supplement plan. There are limitations to these plans. You could be hit with unexpected out of pocket expenses with a hospital stay, cancer or surgeries. You must also choose a plan that accepts your doctors but you should be aware that doctors can leave your plan’s network at any time! You must be entitled and enrolled in Medicare Part A & B in order to select a Part C Advantage plan. Although your Medicare Advantage plan will be your primary insurance, Medicare will be secondary. Here at My Medicare Hotline, we offer every top company in Florida to save you time and money.

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