We would like to tell you a little about our experience with My Medicare Hotline. We met Chaz Mulherin in May of 2013. He is very personable and had a lot of knowledge about all the insurance companies offering all types of Medicare options. He advised us on several he thought would work for us. Since I wouldn’t be 65 until November, he made an appointment with my husband and I in August. However, because I take a medicine, Humira, we were unable to take advantage of any of the plans. None of the Medicare Advantage plans will cover this medication. So we have chosen to stay with our current insurance plan. Chaz was extremely helpful with our decision. We appreciated all his help and would strongly recommend Chaz to anyone looking for a caring and smart agent.

Update: Since then, we have learned that I would no longer need to use Humira. Chaz has since place both me and John with a great plan. Thanks Chaz!