More homes around the world have courts or courtyard which serve many purposes for the household. It is mostly an enclosed place. A courtyard gate is what welcomes you to the yard, and it is important if it is maintained at all times. This gate mostly creates an impression for any guests who are visiting the house hence the reason why it should be in good condition at all times.

People make these gates using different materials ranging from hardwood, softwood, iron and metal rods and others. Most of the designs for these driveway gates are usually a 50/50 split in the middle, but on few occasion, you will find one maximum size gate and a minimum gate.

Whatever designs used to make, there are many moving parts and some may face a strain more than others. There are courtyard gates that are automated and have a heavy bottom rail that needs to be maintained to ensure it works well.

The repairs of these gates depend on whether it is an electric gate or an iron gate. It will determine the complexity of the repair.

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