5.0 stars
Posted by Stephanie

Don’t take her full 5 stars skeptically. Kristen is hands down the best representative We’ve ever seen! Facing what a judge declared one of the worst cases he’s seen, Kristen peacefully and calmly present the case, worked above and beyond what is necessary to provide professional and beyond quality representation! Her ability in the court room and well pleaded motions are thoughtful, detailed, and yet not drawn out in lengthy verbiage, unlike this review, lol!
Facing false charges and egregious misconduct by an opposing party, Kristen worked for the best interest of the children involved and while she has a very “timid” appearance, she is very aggressive in pursuing the matters that are most material to the case.
Kristen is very organized and she comprehends the situations very quickly and gives great encouragement and support!

I recommend Kristen to anyone who has the opportunity to hire her for representation!

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