I am for protecting the most vulnerable amongst us, including unborn and born children. Every innocent human being deserves dignity and the right to life. I am pro-choices; there are many other choices available than abortion. There continues to be a lack of truly comprehensive health services available for the entire family unit – mothers, fathers, and children.  Additionally, I have family members and close friends who have battled with fertility issues; they long for the opportunity to adopt a newborn child, but the process is expensive and long. Creative solutions exist; they just need a champion and a voice.


The best way out of poverty is through education. The best way to educate is through access to the best school for the specific child. Parents know their children – how they best learn and what they need to flourish – and should be entrusted to seek out the schools that are best suited to their child.  Whether it be our public, charter, homeschooling, or private schools, every child should be able to pursue the most fitting education to their individual needs, regardless of which street they happen to live on or how much their family happens to earn.


I am for lower taxes and being fiscally responsible. Arizona has historically been a state friendly to the middle class and, by extension, friendly to the family. We need to continue to protect the middle class by making sure we do not follow the direction of California with thoughtless “solutions” that increase spending and taxation that places increased burdens on our future and our children’s future. Taxes, especially sales taxes, disproportionately hurt our community. NO MORE!  Taxes are paid by each of us. We need to empower our community to be wise stewards of the money we all contribute and find creative, sustainable solutions that still take care of the most vulnerable amongst us.

Religious Freedom

I believe in protecting our religious freedoms. Today we face persecution for valuing the traditional family, holding virtuous morals, carrying differing political beliefs, or embracing other lifestyle choices. This persecution is threatening the individual liberties intended to be safeguarded through our Constitution. As someone who has personally felt an encroachment on their religious liberties, I will stand to defend everyone’s right to religious freedom and individual liberty.

2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As much as our local police strive to help our community, they are not legally obligated to protect each individual in harm’s way.  The average response time is over 5 minutes for priority one calls. Priority two calls, like a burglary, could take at least an hour for the police to arrive. We have a fundamental, God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  The right to bear arms is a great equalizer.


My family legally immigrated to the United States and established their roots in South Phoenix. I know how great of a blessing not only it is to have legal residency but to be a citizen of this nation. Our diverse community is one with many different types of immigrants and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Immigration issues are fundamentally humanitarian, safety, and sovereignty issues. Too often, our current broken immigration system allows for the exploitation of the most vulnerable and innocent amongst us.  It is important that our local laws work in accordance with, not against, our federal laws to ensure a stronger and safer community.

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